Welcome to Erotic Spa NYC

This is Erotic Spa, a free, fully volunteer cooperative service designed for discriminating New York City area women. Ideal for commuters, students, tourists, and residents to explore seduction, erotic pleasure and romance in a fun filled, no pressure, no commitment and no risk environment.

This is an amazing service provided by an experienced, highly trained, educated, physically fit and attractive male professional volunteer, and does not require a life-style change to enjoy. Women do not have to be desperate or wild to participate. But please do be very sexual and open to sharing and learning with a male partner that needs you!

Make a Date And Have Fun

Yes, this is exciting and taboo. A date with erotic spa is a delicious fantasy come true. If you like the idea of having a safe and fun option like this - please participate! Free means legal, no matter how sexual the contact. But as a free cooperative, women are urged and encouraged to participate. Whether once or for repeat spas, we need you!

What Is Done on a Spa Date?

  • Body Shampoo.
  • Breast exam and therapy.
  • Safe-Sex Educational Labs.
  • Arousal and Seduction.
  • Sacred Sex.
  • Kama Sutra and Tantra.
  • Erotic Workout.
  • Assisted Masturbation.
  • Prolonged Orgasm.